Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?

At MACH 5 RACING our goal is to help you find your fast and stand out from the pack. MACH 5 RACING’S Five Fundamentals to Success is our holistic coaching approach geared to elevating endurance athletes to the next level of performance while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Our 5 Fundamentals of Success approach goes beyond training to encompass best practices for a well-rounded endurance athlete to live a healthy and balanced life while racing to their own personal definition of success.



Strengthening cardiovascular, muscular and metabolic systems requires finely balancing volume, frequency, duration and intensity on a yearly, monthly and daily basis. We design individual training plans to meet each athlete’s unique physiology, race plans, goals and available training time.


The more you train, the more important recovery becomes. Not only is enough sleep extremely important, other restorative practices such as massage, body work, ice baths, or cryotherapy, and compression are integral to proper recovery. Restorative practices should be scheduled like training.


Food is the fuel that makes your training, racing and recovery possible. What you eat and when you eat throughout the day are critical to overall health, fitness and performance. Nutrition planning takes into account daily training load, then builds into race week and race day to ensure optimal performance.


Athletes who keep their life, work, family and relationships in balance enjoy sport more and race better. While achieving balance is often easier said than done, we can help you find ways to keep sport in perspective relative to the rest of your life.


Lack of motivation and confidence, nerves, fear, and self-doubt can rattle an athlete mentally during both racing and training. Becoming a better athlete mentally can lead to becoming a better athlete physically. We can provide guidance and tools to help you up your mental game and emotions.


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