Wow is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Coach.  She reminds me of my youth football coach who loved me like a son, but kicked my butt on the practice and game field. Michelle will graciously kick your butt and prepare you with confidence and the skills necessary to achieve your goals as an athlete.  We love our Coach! 


Mack and Adessa

I started coaching with Michelle in 2012. She has coached through 4 full IRONMANS, 5 IRONMAN 70.3s including the IRONMAN World Championship in 2014, two Texas State Time Trial Championship Titles, Age group National Championship (qualifying for team USA), and multiple podiums at local sprint tris. I mention this because I was not a lifetime athlete. I started racing in 2010. Michelle has made it possible for me to be able to do all this.She has always been able to push me and kept me healthy and injury-free. She has also held me back at times and helped me find the balance I need in order to thrive. She is not only an amazing coach but a fantastic friend. I have been very blessed to have her in my life.

Triny Willerton

It is crazy to imagine that it all started over a simple conversation in the middle of a Starbucks coffee shop and many years later, we are still at it. I am always thankful for the personal touch that Michelle provides in coaching. Not only is she is a great coach but a great person that takes your personal life into account while pushing you for greater improvement. Glad to be a small part of a bigger journey.

Jonathan Sterchy

Michelle coached me for IMTX in 2014 which was 9 years after my first one. She is meticulous in her preparation of plans, engaging during the journey, and focuses on the goal of the athlete. She is responsive and helps troubleshoot whether a bad training result was just a bad day or is part of a bigger issue. My taper and my preparation for IMTX was flawless and set a PR by over an hour even after being 9 years older.

Bob Merrill

Michelle has coached me for the past few years. She is the most amazing coach and person. What I love most about Michelle is that she coaches the whole athlete. It’s so far beyond just writing training plans. She is experienced, smart, and very caring. Her big heart is part of what makes her such a successful coach. I love her and would highly recommend any of her coaching services.

Sylvia Escobedo

It was a no brainer to hire Michelle as a coach! She is the most communicative, thorough and compassionate coach that I have ever worked with. She has a special way of communicating with athletes to get them to reach their goals. She is the best!

Pro Whitney Burdzilauskas

In May of 2015, I had signed up with Michelle LeBlanc to coach me in triathlons. In no time at all with hard work, I’ve improved leaps and bounds both mentally and physically. Michelle LeBlanc’s extensive experience in triathlons makes her an invaluable asset to anyone pursuing excellence. Michelle’s attention to detail and knowledge will direct the way if you are seeking to be the best you can be.

Kenny York

Michelle coached me for 3 years. I really enjoyed working with her. Under her guidance, I saw a big improvement in my cycling performance, as seen by my race results and power tests. The workouts she provided challenged me, and the explanations she provided about the goals of my workout blocks were extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Michelle as a coach.

Kathy Garrett

I have known Michelle for a few years now and she has continuously impressed me in many ways. Her commitment to providing a top level service through impressive communication and collaboration is unequaled from what I have experienced. Her drive to ensure continuous improvement in both her athletes and her business is also very obvious to any that have worked with her. She is creative, adaptable and is focused on getting results! Michelle is extremely enthusiastic and motivating and is a pleasure to work with. Anyone wanting to be motivated and realize improvement through a completely personalized, professional and knowledgeable approach… Michelle is your coach!

John Impey

I met Michelle in 2012 when I first signed up with her coaching team. Not having any experience in triathlon or any background in swimming, biking or running I needed all the help I could get. That year I completed my first Ironman. Michelle and her staff provided a tremendous amount of support, education and camaraderie through my first journey. Even though Michelle was not my direct coach early on, she always took an interest in all her teams athletes and pushed me to do better. Competing in races more seriously today and having aspirations to do better made me ask her to be my coach. Michelle\’s resume is impressive and her coaching style having been there and done that makes her such a wonderful fit. I highly recommend coach Michelle!

Ewoud Hulsewe

For the past four years Michelle has been coaching my children, and has taken them to the top level in the sport. Her comprehensive and holistic approach to Coaching Youth and Junior Triathlon, not only has helped them to get several National Championships, but more importantly, has helped them to become not just better athletes but better overall individuals with a strong sense of camaraderie, responsibility and love for the sport. If you want to see your young committed athlete improve in every area, don’t hesitate and contact Coach Michelle!

Andres Lopez

Michelle has been my coach for over 6 years and it has been the best money I have spent on my bike. I was looking for a coach to take my cycling to the next level; she\’s gotten me there and beyond. She’s taught me the fundamentals of training, how to read my body, and push myself beyond what I thought possible. If you\’re serious about your racing, quit spending money on new equipment and hire a coach, and if your smart hire Michelle.

James Engle

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