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Q&A Coming soon!

What are the 10 Most Common nutrition and hydration mistakes made in long-course endurance sports?

The 10 most common errors include:

  1. Not having a solid race hydration and nutrition plan
  2. Not practicing that plan in training (too a tee)
  3. Not perfecting that plan both in quantities and sources
  4. Not pacing properly on race day (or training enough) and therefore blaming blow-ups on nutrition.
  5. Consuming too much solid food source
  6. Not knowing your indivudal sweat loss/electrolyte needs and therefore consuming too little sodium
  7. Not addressing potassium and magnesium levels during race week
  8. Not knowing how to correct errors as they start to present themselves
  9. Switching to coke and then not coming back to your plan after feeling better
  10. Going low on blood glucose (stored glycogen) and therefore “forgetting” what your body needs… thus compounding problems.

What are the 5 FUNDAMENTALS to Race Week Hydration and Nutrition?

PLAN: Establish a Race Day plan 8+ weeks out.
LEARN: Practice your race day plan to a tee on all long sessions and perfect it.
ALSO: Know how/what/when to eat during race week and for pre-race breakfast.
NEEDS: Race day focus should be mostly on fluids, carbs, and sodium. Keep it simple.
+PLUS: Learn how to trouble-shoot during the race!

What does poor training and racing hydration and nutrition look like? What are some of the ill effects of nutrition failures?


  • GI Distress (bloated, gas…)
  • Headache/Dizziness
  • Decreased cardiac output
  • Increased heartrate
  • Decreased speed/power Increased perceived exertion


  • GI Distress (rot-gut)
  • Increased perceived exertion
  • Shortened time to exhaustion
  • Not able to focus/remember/trouble-shoot
  • Increased time for 100% recovery
  • Suppressed immune system functioning


What's your overall coaching philosophy?

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